Predator Profile: Charles Ng

P  Charles-Ng

Ng was dishonorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 1980, for theft of heavy weaponry, and served only 2 years of a 14-year sentence, after which release, he met Leonard Lake, and the two began kidnapping, raping, barbarically torturing and murdering anywhere from 11 to 25 men, women and children. Every single body found on Lake’s property in 1985 showed signs of rape and torture, even infants. The two men filmed home videos of themselves committing these crimes, and the videos still exist as private property of the State of California, which will not release them to the public.

Among the reports from the courtroom, Ng and Lake filmed each other clubbing victims, male and female, adults and children, with homemade spiked bats, chaining them to tables and sawing their limbs off, raping them before and after, and forcing them to watch their family members receive such tortures. Lake took cyanide when captured. Ng fled to Calgary, Canada, where he was arrested and fought extradition back to the U. S. for 6 years, before losing, being tried and convicted of 12 counts of murder and multiple other charges, and being sentenced to death in 1998. The trial cost $4 million. Ng and his lawyers are still appealing all verdicts, regardless of the home videos he and Lake made, which were shown as evidence against him. The total cost for his legal proceedings has reached $20 million.


Keep it real and stay safe.

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