Self Defense 101 : I can teach you self defense in a 2 hour seminar!

I’m told that Self Defense techniques are easy to learn and can be taught in as little time as  a 2 hour seminar / workshop. Yes, I guess in theory this is true, but…. Really? Self Defense techniques are simple in nature, this is true and can be learned fairly quickly depending on ones ability, but being able to apply these techniques takes time and training. I always like to take the analogy of a music instrument, I know not easy to learn, but fallow along here. Let’s take the guitar, learn 3 chords and learn a simple tune get it down really well, now don’t practice for a while. 1 week, 1 month,  how well will you do? Probably not as well as  if you had practiced the whole time. Right? Practice, Practice, Practice is the key even simple self defense techniques. If you don’t practice and keep up on your training it’s not going to come to you in your time of need.  The techniques may be easy, but the practice and training may not be. Practice under duress against a resisting partner. Put your self in uncomfortable training scenarios to help make you confident in training and pulling off your simple techniques.  I have heard many M.A. instructors say ” I can teach a women self defense in 2 hours ” well if that’s true that instructor is one awesome individual.  Answer me this, how confident are you to let your Mom, Wife or daughter after 2 hours of training,  can protect herself when she needs to? Oh and did I mention that 2 hour workshop she did was 6 months ago? Will she / you remember all those really simple techniques? I think not, practice and training is key in self defense or many other  aspects of our daily lives.

Keep it real and stay safe.

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