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Last week I did a Martial Art Profile on Wing Chun Kung Fu, so I’ve decided to do a profile on a Wing Chun instructor for this blog post.  I chose to do this blog on Instructor Dominick Izzo, Chief Instructor of Izzo Tactical Combat Martial Arts.  Mr. Izzo caught my attention surfing YouTube and he has a very controversial and modern “In your face”  approach to Wing Chun, so if you are in the Chicago land area and Wing Chun Kung Fu strikes your fancy,make sure and check him out.





Chief Instructor Izzo is an internationally published author, contributor and the first Wing Chun Instructor in Chicago to be featured in the world renown, Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine.  He is a Police Officer and former member of NIPAS Mobile Field Force, having served in active call-outs for riot control.  

Chief Instructor Izzo began his Wing Chun under Sifu Danny Halligan, acting as an assistant instructor for Halligan’s Combat Training, later under Master Philip Nearing and currently under Master Sifu Syed Ahmad. 

Chief Instructor Izzo has had the honor of training with incredible Wing Chun Masters such as, Sifu Jin Young, aka The China Boxer, Sifu Eric Li and Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, helping Chief Instructor Izzo further his depth of knowledge and understanding of the Wing Chun System.  Chief Instructor Izzo is an active member of the Wing Chun community by embracing conversation and exchanging ideas of Wing Chun with some of its most valued practitioners and teachers worldwide.

He is the only Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor in the Chicago area with Law Enforcement experience and the global leading authority on Wing Chun application for Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics.  Chief Instructor Izzo is one of the most sought after instructors for hands-on Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement and Street Self Defense. 

Active Police Officer
Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor
State of Illinois Certified Police Officer
University of Illinois Police Training Institute Graduate
Police Officer 2001 through 2009
Member of NIPAS Mobile Field Force 2003 through 2005
Lake County Elk’s Club Officer of the Year 2003
Chief’s Achievement Award (Apprehension of Violent / Combative Subject) 2014
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
PTA Global CPT
NEMRT Instructor Certified
NEMRT Physical Skills Certified
PPCT Instructor Certified
NEMRT Emergency Vehicle Response Certified
NEMRT Juvenile Officer Certified
Edged Weapons Specialist
State of Illinois Law Enforcement Firearms Qualified
Former Collegiate Style Wrestler and Coach
Former Law Enforcement Amateur Boxer-SuperCop ’03 – ’04
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Keep it real and stay safe.

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