Partners & Resources

As much as we would like to be the complete resource for all of your safety and self-defense needs, we realize that that is just not possible. So we decided to include some resources here to help guide you through the world of safety and self-defense. Your safety is important to us and for that reason we decided to do the legwork for you and find products and resources that we feel will better enhance your personal well being.

If you know of any good resources that we have not listed here, please feel free to contact us with the link and we will review it for addition on this page. Thank you.


Safety Takes Brains Self-DefenseOur women’s self-defense program, a no nonsense self-defense program geared towards women. Perfect for your wife, daughter, mother, sister, aunt or any woman in your life. If you are an employer this would be perfect for the women in your organization if they are ever alone on location at night.

Scrapyard Fightwear – One of our instructors, Ken Pipes, is also the owner of Scrapyard Fightwear and the sponsor of a few MMA fighters. Ken has been in the fightwear industry for some time now and has a great product line. Scrapyard Fightwear also provides the shirts for Urban Defense Institute. Check him out for some great fightwear.

Hoods Woods – Safety does not end once you go out into the wilderness for a relaxing weekend of camping and hiking. You will want to observe the awareness you learn in self-defense training even in the field, but you will also want to know how to keep yourself safe in a wilderness situation. Hoods Woods has been offering the best survival information on the Internet since 1992 when Ron grabbed the domain name. For Ron it wasn’t just a name, it described both a lifestyle and what Ron has been teaching and studying since the 1960′s. It took a lot of dirt time to bring you the material on this site and in our videos. We hope you’ll enjoy both!

The National Center for Victims of Crime – If you find yourself becoming a victim of a violent crime it is not your fault, nor is it the end of life as you know it. There are services and resources to help you move on with your life in a happy and healthy way. The National Center for Victims of Crime will help you find services and resources in your area to give you the help you need.


Cold Steel Honey Comb – Sometimes it becomes necessary to put a little equalizer into your wife or daughters hands, but you don’t want them to walk around with typical weaponry in their purse or pocket. In comes the Cold Steel Honey Comb. It is a brush, but it is also a spike for self-defense. This is a last ditch weapon, in other words you would reserve the use of this weapon for last ditch survival when your life really is on the line. Make sure to check the local laws in your state regarding carrying a tool like this. Urban Defense Institute cannot be held responsible for the use of this weapon, any use of this weapon is at the sole discretion of the user.

Cold Steel Pocket Shark – Like the Honey Comb this gives you the ability to carry a little backup without looking heavily armed. Unlike the Honey Comb, this is not necessarily lethal unless you attack lethal targets. It is simply a very tough, heavy duty, permanent pen for use as a striking weapon or for advanced pressure point techniques. This little pen packs a huge wallup. Make sure to check the local laws in your state regarding carrying a tool like this. Urban Defense Institute cannot be held responsible for the use of this weapon, any use of this weapon is at the sole discretion of the user.

Inferno Pepper Spray – Pepper spray is a great self-defense item to keep on hand. Pepper spray will help reduce even the biggest guy into a puddle of weeping goo. We recommend carrying pepper spray with you while you are out on the go.

Wireless Window and Door Alarm – these are great and inexpensive to keep around on the windows and doors of your home to alert you when someone is entering your home. They are also great to take traveling with you to arm the door of your hotel room while you sleep. They are inexpensive and work great.

Doorstop alarm – another great alarm for use in a hotel room while you sleep. You put it in front of the door and if someone tries to open it, the trigger is depressed and the alarm goes off. Very good idea to take with you as you travel.

RF Camera and Bug Detector – With all of the voyeur sites to hit the internet you never know when or where you or your family are being video taped for use on the internet. Are you safe in the public restroom? In the tanning bed at the tanning salon? How about in your hotel room? This little device will give you what you need to help you detect most wireless video cameras or bugs. Small enough to slip in a pocket or purse and take with you anywhere. A little extra time turning it on when you enter a restroom, tanning salon or hotel room can save a lifetime of embarrassment. Once something hits the web it is out there forever. Don’t let it be an embarrassing photo/video of you or your family.