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Survival Tools : The ATAX ( All Terrain AX )

The  ATAX “the All Terrain Ax”  is an outstanding Wilderness survival, Urban survival and combatives tool. What is the ATAX? Well it’s a Knife, a skinner, a wire cutter, a range finder, a compass, an inclinometer,  a clock, a wrench, a hammer, a rescue tool, a survival kit holder, a fire bow bearing, an arrow launcher and a field level and of course by binding a split stick to it well, you’ve created an AX hence the AX in ATAX. Shew! that’s  a lot of stuff. You can visit Survival.com  to  see images showing in detail all of the ATAX’s uses.  

There is a video available when you purchase  the ATAX showing how to use it. The ATAX carries  very easily and doesn’t get in the way like a large knife might. The specs are  LOA : 5.5 inches, width 4.5 inches it is 1/4 inches thick and is made of 1095 steel ( total steel ) and weighs 16 oz. The handle is Linen Micarta  and it comes with a reversible Kydex sheath for left or right use.

The ATAX created by Ron Hood is a great Wilderness and Urban survival tool, but can also be used for combatives. This is  a great tool for Military, Firefighting and other hardcore professionals, or the survival enthusiast. The Urban Defense Institute in cooperation with Karen Hood and Survival.com  is currently working on a combat curriculum for the ATAX.

The ATAX is available through Tops Knives.com

Keep it real and stay safe.



SHOT Show 2014

The 2014 SHOT Show was outstanding, as it is every year. For those of you who don’t know what SHOT Show is, it is the “Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors Tradeshow” held in Las Vegas every year in January. It is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries (taken from ShotShow.org). With 5 square miles of floor space and its more than 1,600 exhibitors it is almost impossible to see everything.

As the Associate Editor of Survival Quarterly Magazine I have gone the past couple years and plan to keep attending. This year was especially exciting for me because I was also there to reveal my new knife design the “Backwoods Skinner” being produced by TOPS Knives. I was very happy with the reception it got as well. All they brought with them were prototypes, but apparently they sold out and received some pre-orders as well. Very cool. I was able to get an extra prototype to give to Ted Nugent before they were gone, so I was happy about that. He loves it and plans to really get some use out of it. I am looking forward to hearing what he thinks of it.

Unfortunately, I am not a photog and didn’t get as many pictures as I could have. I am the type that always remembers that I should have gotten a photo while I am walking away, “Oh bummer! I should have gotten a photo of that!” Oh well though, I did get some photos and will let them tell the story of the SHOT Show experience for myself and Survival Quarterly Magazine. Keep your eyes peeled for some familiar faces.