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What Martial Art is best for me?

Hey gang,

I have been asked recently what Martial Art I would recommend someone to take?  I started out by saying ” well I like…” and  ”if it were me” then it dawned on me,  That’s me not you. The reality is the general population has no  clue what the differences are between the arts to them it’s all Karate, IT’S NOT!.They get fed some crap from the local Karate-Mart, or they joined because their friend joined and probably the most common, it’s the closes school in their community. There are a few exceptions of course and the individual will know what art they want specifically, sometimes because they seen a demo or an Actor doing it,  as I did,  I wanted to do what Steve Seagal did. LOL  which is where I will insert ” fed crap by the local Karate-Mart” . Really it comes down to what do you want out of Martial Arts?

Do you want Self Defense?

are you in it  just for fitness?

Do you want contact or no contact?

Do you want to learn it for the culture of the art?

Do you just want to have a piece of paper showing you are a Black Belt?

Do you care for the Hierarchy, titles and politics of Tradition?

Are you in it just to train without B.S.?

Do you want to learn more than one art? some schools or styles don’t allow this.

Or a combination of any of the above?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself, there are many and we could go on forever. I would recommend not signing up for a long term commitment, make sure you really enjoy the art, school or instructor/coach you have chosen.. The instructor may be great, but the art doesn’t fit or vice versa.  I could go on forever on this topic, so as I’m writing this it has given me some ideas for you all.  I will be doing future blogs on this topic to help shed some light for you, with that said The future blogs will contain Martial Arts Profiles and then I have decided to go a step further and do Instructor Profiles to help facilitate your decisions and help point you in the direction of your choice. I think this is going to be fun.

The bottom line most important thing is that you ENJOY AND HAVE FUN,FUN, FUN  doing whatever you choose.

Thanks for your time peeps

Keep it real and stay safe.