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Survival Tools : The ATAX ( All Terrain AX )

The  ATAX “the All Terrain Ax”  is an outstanding Wilderness survival, Urban survival and combatives tool. What is the ATAX? Well it’s a Knife, a skinner, a wire cutter, a range finder, a compass, an inclinometer,  a clock, a wrench, a hammer, a rescue tool, a survival kit holder, a fire bow bearing, an arrow launcher and a field level and of course by binding a split stick to it well, you’ve created an AX hence the AX in ATAX. Shew! that’s  a lot of stuff. You can visit Survival.com  to  see images showing in detail all of the ATAX’s uses.  

There is a video available when you purchase  the ATAX showing how to use it. The ATAX carries  very easily and doesn’t get in the way like a large knife might. The specs are  LOA : 5.5 inches, width 4.5 inches it is 1/4 inches thick and is made of 1095 steel ( total steel ) and weighs 16 oz. The handle is Linen Micarta  and it comes with a reversible Kydex sheath for left or right use.

The ATAX created by Ron Hood is a great Wilderness and Urban survival tool, but can also be used for combatives. This is  a great tool for Military, Firefighting and other hardcore professionals, or the survival enthusiast. The Urban Defense Institute in cooperation with Karen Hood and Survival.com  is currently working on a combat curriculum for the ATAX.

The ATAX is available through Tops Knives.com

Keep it real and stay safe.



Urban Survival: Free Early Alert System

In this video Joshua describes how to build an early alert system out of a stick and cans (and when necessary, string) if you find yourself needing to stay in an abandoned house or building in an emergency situation.

For a complete write up on this and other safety tips for staying in an abandoned building or house read his article in Survival Quarterly Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2. You can find out more about Survival Quarterly Magazine at www.SurvivalQ.com.

Preppers : Are they Crazy?

Prepping has become quite popular these days with a lot of people. T.V. shows, radio, Podcasts and of course the sales of these items. I have recently began my quest on prepping, still pretty new to the game. Everyone “preps” for different reasons, Economic collapse, Government take over and of course Zombies just to name a few. Are these people crazy? Well lets tone it down a notch. Maybe your not the End of the World prepper, but lets take a look at some good reasons to prep ( I’m not saying these fore mentioned reasons aren’t good reasons ). I’m also using the mindset that everyone preps in some way shape or form. Example: Using your seat belt, you don’t get in an accident every time you’re in the car,but yet we still prep for it, Fire drills at school, same thing and so on. Okay with that said, how about a Fire drill at home. Do you do it? You should “Prep”. Does everyone in the house know what to do? Do you have a safe spot to go to outside of the home? You should “Prep”. Having a “Bug out Bag” prepped doesn’t have to be for the End of the World, if there is a Fire in the home, how about some extra shoe’s, change of clothes, warm clothes if you live in cold climate, extra set of keys for the vehicles for shelter if you need it? Have you stored your B.O.B. outside of the home? It doesn’t do much good if you can’t grab it. This is just one scenario to prep. How about,
Home invasion,
Car stranded in the middle of no where,
Are you prepped at work for different scenarios?
Nothing wrong with prepping Financials.
So one doesn’t have to be the extreme “Prepper” for the End, there are many reasons to Prep. Pick your reason and be prepared.

Keep it real and stay safe.