Being a reality based self-defense program we feel that it is necessary to fully understand what really happens in the real world. Hollywood has a very disillusioned view of how fights and confrontation look, this gives people a very unrealistic view of what it will take to keep themselves alive in a real fight or attack. Unfortunately, many martial arts schools play into this alternate reality, and do not discuss the realities of an actual physical confrontation. Again, we are not disparaging martial arts, we are just being honest about the lack of truth in many schools, and the really sad part is that most schools don’t discuss it because they don’t know.

We have provided these videos to give you an idea of how a REAL fight looks, it doesn’t look anything like the dojo, movies, t.v. or MMA matches. They are primal, brutal, violent and chaotic. They are all different, and none of them ever go as planned. Having some tools to use in these encounters will give you an edge, but no guarantee, that has to come from within you. We can give you the tools you need to survive, but you need to implement them.

Warning! Videos contain graphic violence and explicit song lyrics! Use judgment if you have small children in the room.

You get the idea. Welcome to the real world.